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Limited Edition Vinyl Doll Kit

Only 500 Worldwide


Will NOT be restocked

Harley is 19" long with a head circumference of 13". She has full arms and full legs. She will be included with a doe suede body (your body will be signed by me if you order your kit off of my website) and a Certificate Of Authenticity. Her vinyl is a light cream skin tone with no need of any neutralizing and the perfect baby skin softness.

Her full price will be $79.99 USD + shipping. A Non-Refundable Pre-Order deposit will be $25 USD at the time of your order. A balance of $54.99 USD + shipping will be invoice to you when the kits arrive. Kits are due to arrive early to mid November.

There will be a drop down menu for an option to pay in full (minus shipping) at the time pre-orders start. Shipping will still be invoiced to you when the kits arrive.

You are Pre-Ordering and purchasing an UNPAINTED BLANK VINYL DOLL KIT, Pictures are ONLY to show you examples of this kit reborned.

My Dealers Are Listed At The Bottom Of The Page.

All of my kits are phthalate free!

Shipping Estimates


1 Kit = $12

2 Kits = $12


1 Kit = $15

2 Kits = $25

All Other International

1 Kit = $22

2 Kits = $36

Please note that these are estimated shipping rates at this time and may slightly differ at the time of shipment.

If you are purchasing more than 2 kits you can email me for a quote.

Blank Vinyl Kit

Prototype #1 Reborned By Lilia Ziems

Harley Original Clay Sculpt

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